Our School


Our school is the three storeyed brick house built about 115 years ago. The school building is situated in a large yard. The front of the building faces Veteraniv Street. The back of the house overlooks the yard. The building has three floors and a ground floor. On the ground floor there is our school canteen, aschool gym and our workshop. A school cloak-room is on the ground floor. Pupils have lunch and dinner in the school canteen. They can drink tea, coffee or juice.They buy bun rolls, biscuits there. Our school Assembly Hall is on the third floor. It`s a long room with 6 windows facing Veteraniv Str. There a small stage at the end of the Hall. The stage is separated from the Hall with brick-rad curtains. It1s decorated with blue-and-yelow national flag and a portrait of T.G.Shevchenko. It has seats for about 200 pupils. The school A.H. is used on different occasions. We arrange perfomances, concerts, school getherings, evenings, meetings.Then the pupils decorate A.H. We hang school wall newspapers, various posters, slogans.There are beautiful white blinds on the windows. The audience occupies seats and waits for the participants to appear on the stage. Sometimes we arrange exhibitions of different collections, pupil`s paintings and hand-made things. It`s a pity that not all the senior pupils can be present in the A.H. at the same time.Amatuer activity.  At school pupils study, work and rest.They study and work at the lessons. They study and rest while attending the circles of amatuer activity. There are various circles of amateur activity in our school. One of  them is a school choir. Every Tuesday after clesses the members of the school choir get together to sing various folk Ukrainian and modern songs.Many boys and girls heve possibility to play various musical instruments. There are two workshops in our school: a metal workshop and a wood workshop. We can`t say that the rooms are light and large. They they are on the ground floor. But they are equipped with all the necessary equipment. Pupils are tought how to use different     tools. Girls work in a handicraft room. They get skills of cooking and sewing. There is a chemistry lab in our school. It is situated on the second floor.It has even a cinema and slide projector. There is a large Mendeleev table on the wall. We have chemistry twice a week and on this lesson we study how to do different experiments. It`s necessary to study for me besauce i want to be an intellegent man.  

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