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Whenever we talk about the values in our life, subconsciously we look inside our dual nature. Old Greeks said: If you know yourself, you will know the Universe. Since time immemorial a human being has been in the endless search of meaning in his inner universe. According to some philosophers, our invisible world was created by good as well as by evil. People have different beliefs and views about what is right and what is wrong. They love or hate, admire or contain a preference. While making a decision, we consider a certain hierarchy of values.

As the starry sky stretches above the earth, so the world of absolute values extends above the world of relative ones. Such primary values as Holiness, Goodness, Thurt and Beauty occur in this world in the highest degree. There has to exist a measure of all values, the top one that my mother thought me to call God.

Regarding moral norms in a mans behaviour, they can be referred to relative values. Humanists value people and their happiness. They value our human powers of reasoning and imaging, and they make us distinctively human.

Humanists try always to give reasons for the values they live by, such as fairness and justice, tolerance, sincerity and talking and listening, curiosity and creativity, courage, felling, independence, freedom, confidence, cooperation, concern for the world and for the future.

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